Teacher’s Science Fair Guide
to the Engineering Design Process

Do you know how to chop into pieces frustration spikes that
naturally occur when teaching engineering science fair projects?
Give your student’s the gift of satisfaction with an organized,
fun approach to the Engineering Design Process.

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I know this sounds bold or even a little crazy, BUT using this step-by-step guide makes teaching an engineering science fair project a lot easier and more fun!

image of overwhelmed engineering teacherNo more piling on a mountain of knowledge to eliminate frustration. . .

No more being responsible for all the teaching. . .

No more having a feeling of dread. . .

No more being overwhelmed . . .

Picture your students with a smile on their faces because you have shown them how to turn frustration or confusion into an opportunity!

This is what you will experience every single day when you follow the step-by-step guidelines in this eBook.

Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

Too good to be true, right?
I am going to let you in on a little secret…

There is nothing that is magically going to take away all the pressure of teaching or magic wand that you will wave to stop your students from feeling baffled when teaching the Engineering Design Process!

Fear, confusion and frustration are naturally occurring by-products when doing an engineering science fair project.

Engineering is different than other learning experiences. And teaching the Engineer Design Process (EDP) using the inquiry-based lesson plans will relieve you from preparing and teaching piles of information that is required of a STEM curriculum. Instead, you will be a facilitator of learning. Your children will do the tough work.

This eBook will show you how to wean your students from being dependent on you and gradually shift the work to your students. They will be given the opportunity to figure out how to think systematically, solve problems and find answers to their questions. To survive and thrive, your students will learn to develop a stick-to-it attitude.

Engineers love frustration and turn them into opportunities. Like real engineers, your students will find confusion a gift. They will learn how to turn despair into inspiration. You will see you students transform into creative, intuitive, people who will learn how to apply the EDP process to other school subjects and real life decisions.

Your students will work in teams to deal with engineering challenges and work out real world problems, just like engineers. Helping students work together as a productive team can be formidable! The eBook has team building tips to facilitate corporation.

Can you afford to wait?

Albert Einstein had a saying: “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

Teacher’s Science Fair Guide to the Engineering Design Process

A tried and proven system to teaching the Engineering Design Process
and doing an excellent engineering science fair project.

image of Teacher's Science Fair Guide to the Engineering Design Process

Order today and you will receive 39 Lesson Plans

image of atomA Detailed 355 page eBook with the following main topics: image of Teacher's Science Fair Guide to the Engineering Design Process
  • 8 dynamic step-by-step modules detailing the Engineering Design Process along with how to do an engineering science fair project
  • How to identify a need and write a problem statement
  • How to set up, organize and write required information in a science notebook/li>
  • How to do background and patent research, find original research, research target users or consumers, organize and write a bibliography
  • How to develop viable solutions, determine design requirements, and write a design brief
  • How to develop a preliminary design, choose a solution, design a prototype, test it, redesign and retest.
  • How to organize and analyze data
  • How to write a project report and abstract
  • How to design and organize a display board

image of engineer's checklist

Checklists, Worksheets and Templates

For Students – Worksheets give your students a formula for writing a problem statement and design brief, do keyword and patent research, organize a bibliography, write a proposal, fill out a unique timeline and design matrix, write a project report and abstract.

There are detailed checklists for every important section of the EDP. Templates help students to organize data and conclusions, write a project report and abstract, and create and organize a display board. They will be guided through a complex process to assure success. Take the time to print these pages to give to each team.

For Teachers – How to set up a web page to communicate with parents and students, a lesson plan schedule, detailed steps on how to organize and run a science fair including recruiting volunteers to help you, an original engineering science fair flyer. There are teacher information pages: questions to promote conversation, teacher’s role and student’s role when using an inquiry-based style of teaching.

For Parents – Parent’s Guide to Science Fair Projects

Bonus Booklet

image of Building Student's Confidence: Proven Strategies - Easy & Quick Classroom Activities eBook The Building Student’s Confidence: Proven Strategies – Easy & Quick Classroom Activities: For many students, the process of learning how to do an engineering science fair project can feel like fish swimming in their minds every which way — overwhelming them, causing anxiety, uncertainty and even fear. They can feel overwhelmed, especially when their teacher is not spoon-feeding them information.

This booklet will help you help your students feel confident and willing to approach learning new material.

Your students will transform over a period of time from overwhelmness to excited and confident!
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Attain the Results You So Greatly Desire by Starting Now….
You Can Do This!

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And There’s More….

For Teacher
image of green checkmarkHow to create student-centered teaching.

image of green checkmarkHow to teach STEM lessons.

image of green checkmarkHow to integrate 4 STEM subjects: science, technology, engineering and math.

image of green checkmarkBecome thoroughly comfortable with the Engineering Design Process.


For Students
image of green checkmarkThe complete Student’s Guide to Science Fair Projects eBook.

image of green checkmarkEasy to understand language. All terms are defined.

image of green checkmarkIllustrations and examples

image of green checkmarkUnique timeline to help stay on track, alleviate fear and panic

image of green checkmarkHow to write a letter of inquiry and interview an expert

image of green checkmarkLearn the Judges’ expectations

image of green checkmarkHow students are expected to dress at the science fair? What to bring to the science fair?

image of green checkmarkExcellent for homeschooling, grades 6th thru College, clickable index, instantly downloadable eBook… Yikes… and there is much more…..

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Teacher’s Science Fair Guide to the Engineering Design Process eBook
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Teacher’s Science Fair Guide
to the Engineering Design Process

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